iCODE Methodology 
A concept for the management of Diversities and Population.
The methodology revolves around three concepts:
iCODE matrix 
The concept of Universalism provides the ideals of the methodology which are the core values of Life by ethics and codes of conducts and Core values of civilization by Occupation and Profession.
The concept of Sectorism will bring the three key sectors together to form a conglomeration of subsectors.
The concept of the identity code matrix will provide unique identification and roles for the individual citizens who will join the matrices at the immediate communities under the informal sector so as to join other industries that can join the other matrices that will form the conglomeration with the industries of the public and private sectors. 
The concept of Universalism is the Model of governance for the iCODE methodology 
The model is that of shaping the minds of citizens and the landscape of countries based on commonly shared values for co-prosperity and no longer on the basis of the diverse natures of the citizens of multiple diverse countries. The model will provide the structure of the country to derive regional government, States and Arms of government.
The concept of Sectorism is the concept of forming the conglomeration of sectors, where all institutions in the country can converge to work together for the building develop their countries across all the tiers of government.
iCODE matrix is the system for congregations of citizens at the grassroots in a uniform matrix of 144 people each who are to be connected on the basis of their occupation and profession.
The matrix will provide the process of segmentation of the government dimensions whereby each citizen will belong to all dimensions.
iCODE Components as heading
Above Figure shows how all the components which make up the iCODE are interconnected to synegize and for the methodology.
This are the fresh government dimensions which the iCODE methodology can provide for the management of human, intellectual and natural resources for countries of multiple diversities .
The Pitch of Life is the iCODE logo.
It depicts the field of play for citizens and institutions of the country to play the game of Life core Values and Civilization. This is the game of inclusion through connectives.
This is the game where citizens and institutions can align with themselves to work together using the components of iCODE.
iCode Model for deriving State Governments 
iCode Model for deriving Arms of Government